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Photography. I photograph anything and everything. family, pets, nature, sunrise, sunsets etc. I have bought several cameras in the past but have probably not used half of the functions available. Current camera is a Canon 500D (T1I).
Me. Born 1947 in Kent. Now living in Tatsfield with my wife and Tom the cat, a great place to live, quiet, no street lights, lots of wildlife and nice people.
I created this site mainly for my own amusement but if you find it interesting then I am pleased.
A bit about me...
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My hobbies..
Electronics. I was until retirement, the electronics and IT manager for a company in the Croydon area producing robotic liquid handling autosamplers. I have a keen interest in design at home and have built several projects and there is always something under construction. For my own amusement I have installed webcams at home and at work with feeds to this website. It's nice to see the postman has been, what the cats are up too and keep an eye on the premises and Tatsfield weather while on holiday. I am also a licensed radio amature.
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